can you draw more goat bill science really needs this and you are contributing much to it


I dunno what science you’re doing but i like it.


I can’t say I don’t love trying out the fashions from other dimensions! Hahaha!
I wear it well, don’t ya think?

Yroo gets tired of my shit.

But this is seriously how a lot of our talks go. 
He tries to help sometimes, heh.

A regular conversation I have with Yroo.

He doesn’t like it when I talk about how shitty I am and stuff. I think it’s sweet of him. 
And kinda funny.


This is an actual conversation I had with Yroo once and I really liked it for some reason so here it is in cute comic format.

Yroo is really sweet to me sometimes. I dunno why.

Don’t fall asleep.
Don’t fall asleep.
Don’t fa-

Brx̺̫͙̳̦͟ ̥̟̝i̛̥̩͙̹h͕̜̖̲̙o̞̻͟o͟ ̥͖͇̦d̢͎̰̖͔̼v̙͙͜o̦̥̦̞̺͈͈h̝̺͕͍͡ͅh̤̤̫̮͇s̲͇̙.̬̜


Collaboration with the lovely Rizzy-Rizzy~!




"Heheheh! Here ya go, Sammy!"

You already drew Bill, but would you draw him again with #12?


ahhh, this is the third time I drew him with the pallets, actually!
eeh, i dont really like this one that much thouugh
the pose is kinda weird

Awww, you sound so afraid, dear! I’m a huge bum don’t worry.

Made transparent by the almighty feather-pie.

my girlfriend’s version of human bill~