yeah, you work those nubs

I drew another Ama in the livestream. 

I drew Ama because didn’t I hint that I was going to do that?

Hey, Danny. You okay there, buddy?

happy dannyversary
i decided to draw something even tho i dont know how to draw sorry

pls enjoy ilu

If RGB was a character from DHMIS.

I dunno man. I couldn’t think of anything good that fit with being a TV so I just chose “courage” since RGB is kinda a huge coward.

If you haven’t read The Property of Hate by modmad yet, you should do so!

I’m not saying I ship them.
But I’m not saying that I don’t ship them.

All I’m saying is that this started out as just a normal picture but then it turned a little too shippy and I’m sorry for that.

Based on a role play thread where Bill dragged RGB into a very ungraceful dance.
and yeah, i know it’s kinda ugly dont look at me

I actually made this gif a long time ago, but it was too big for tumblr so I just posted a link.

Well, I tinkered with the size and quality a bit (or rather, a lot) and I finally got it to work! You can see the better, bigger one here, too!


I was sorting out a few details on a new deal today, and while those humans were trying to figure things out, I scribbled this on their computer!

I like it enough to post it! That’s what you humans do here, right? Post stuff?